Monday, November 1, 2010


Met my niece and took some pix of her family this weekend- it was nice to go and do something that relaxes me and spend some time with them in the process.  what a cute family- it was hard not to think about how things were when Glenn and I were just starting our family, so young, so in love, so much to look forward to....  goes by in an instant it seems.  Crazy!  Halloween was ok, just kind of a dreary day emotionally- Glenn was such a prankster around Halloween stuff, the feeling just was not there this year, hopefully someday we will get that ability to have fun and remember without being sad.  The older boys went to parties and I took Parker out.  My brother Danny has an autistic son that does not do well with Halloween, and does not enjoy it.  So he stayed home with Mom and brought his other cute babies over and we jumped in Grandpas golf cart and away we went.  My brother is nuts- so that made it fun, I never know what he is going to say.  It's funny some people looked at him like hey who are you???  When Glenn and I worked together, people would always tell him they saw me with "some guy" that had a shaved head and a goatee and I was laughing a lot, he always knew it was my brother Danny, nobody gets me laughing like him.  The shirt he wore for Halloween said "I'm the quiet neighbor with the big freezer" what a crack up!  Thank goodness for people like him in my life to keep me going...

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