Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I took the boys to do some fun Halloween stuff this weekend, it was pretty fun.  I surprised them and took them to Thriller at Kingsbury Hall and that was lots of fun they really liked it. I love this picture of Chandler he is next to this scary zombie and look at the grin on his face!! I love it! Then we went to Frightmares on Saturday night and had a lot of fun until it started to get cold, then we were out of there!  It was nice to spend time together, but there is always an empty spot, the spot where Glenn needs to be.  Making stupid silly jokes and making us all giggle.  Making fun of the stupid things people do and say with his dry sense of humor.  I think the part I miss the most is that moment where something happens and we would just roll our eyes at each other and know that we were thinking exactly the same thing! (though at times Jen and I do the same thing:))  I miss that closeness, knowing that we know each other better than anyone else.  There are times when I get frustrated and yell or cry and then I hear would hear what Glenn would say, I know that he would say things like , "ok enough already stop it thats not going to solve anything", "or you know what to do, just do it" or "get on your knees and talk to your father that is where you will find all of the answers:  and I know he was right and still is, but sometimes it just isn't that easy.  Though I am going to speak with my heavenly father more and more mainly because I have tried everything else first.  You would think I would learn wouldn't you?  Man I am going to live forever, cause I have to learn everything the hard way...:(

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  1. I am glad to see that you guys went out and had some fun. My family went out to our Frightmares with several of their friends in tow, and they kept telling them this is nothing next year a trip to UT to Lagoon, we will show you how its done. Please know that you are still in my thoughts and I check in on you often. And when you are talking to Heavenly Father I have a couple of things I would like to know.............. LOL. Have a great rest of the week.
    Vicki R