Saturday, October 2, 2010


     It's been a tough week I cannot lie abut that, but it was not without it's positive points.  I have a few people that visit me on a regular basis and one of them is Glenn's bishop from his childhood (Larry Smith)- what an amazing man!  His words are so calming to me and I really look forward to his visits.  This week he brought me a book and a CD to take a loo it.  The book is "Faith Precedes the Miracle"  by Spencer Kimball- it is an old book but I just love it so far.  He also brought me a CD called "What's on the Other Side" by Brent Top.  This had many insights that I just hadn't considered before.  When Glenn was dying we spoke about what it would be like for him on the other side, but I think now I am so over wrought with grief all I can think about is his death.  It makes me feel better to think of how happy and whole he must be after being sick for so very long.
      I was in a meeting in the building where Glenn worked for quite awhile and many folks came to talk to me and say how much he was missed and loved.  I was honored by this, it would have made him so happy.  I  felt ok and then all of the sudden open the floodgates!  But  I left the meeting and was able to gain my composure fairly quickly, I hate that worse than anything cause once the little snowball starts to roll, it quickly can become an avalanche!
     I have been dealing with a lot of bitterness in my home lately with my boys, which I understand because I feel like I am pretty angry these days also.  My brother in law Jeff shared a talk with me form the 2009 Conference by Elder Oaks called "Love and Law"  it's excellent! Thanks again Jeffrey D for putting it all in perspective for me.:)

     I am sharing a few of Spencer's photo class pix- he has a great eye!

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