Wednesday, October 6, 2010


     Well I told my new friend Mandy I would go to a Widow Support Group tonight- we are both apprehensive about the whole thing, but one visit cannot hurt I guess.  I always thought I would be a horrible counselor because I would just want to tell them to 'put on their big girl panties" and get over it...well needless to say I am not that person anymore.  Hopefully I wont be told that myself-  Cause I am sure there would be blood shed :)  It's not that I am not sympathatic because I am, I have just always hated crying because it made me feel like I was weak.  It does not bother me when others cry, I guess I am only that hard on myself...gee thats not dysfunctional at all!!!   Well I am sure I will blog when I get home...


  1. Well, I believe you and I cried enough to cover the entire rest of the group. I'm so glad you were there for me to cry with. :) Remember, we have yet to receive tools to cope, therefore we can't be expected to. What a relief. Ha.

  2. No kidding huh??? I am glad I am not the only cryer... These are gonna have to be some pretty awesome tools right? I feel good about last night though- I am finding comfort in the strength of others, including you! So glad we found each other, I think it was meant to be! :)