Sunday, September 12, 2010

The men in my life.

     Been a difficult week- my boys are really struggling, mostly the older two.  How can I tell them it will be ok, when I don't even know for sure?  I mean I am sure someday it will not be so raw, but for now I cannot imagine it.
     It's funny, each of my kids has kind of attached themselves to a father figure , they always have my dad of course, but he is my rock :).   I know that my brother in law Ted really reminds Spencer of his dad and couldn't be a better example of what Spencer should strive for in his life.  Ted is an amazing man.  Plus Ted has the patience not to strangle him..:).
     Chandler has started to spend a lot of time with my little brother Danny.  Which makes sence because Chandler has always reminded me of Danny, they even share their birthday.  Danny makes him laugh and he really needs that.  Danny is the sweetest guy I know and a wonderful example to him.
     I'm not sure when it happened, but Parker adores Glenns' older brother Jeff.  He loves to spend time with him and actually hugs him, which for Parker is big. There is nobody on this earth that reminds me more of Glenn than him.  He is a spiritual rock and always seems to know what to say to make things seem like they are going to be ok.  He is always there when we need him.
     Thank you so much you three for your constant love , support and amazing example to my children and to me...

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