Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yes is does feel weird...

Yes, it does feel weird to see my name on a headstone- but it would seem more strange not to see it.  I was so glad they finally got this completed- I hated not having anything there but a cement slab.    Still does not seem real- makes my tummy hurt to even look at these pix, but I guess that is to be expected.  I miss you Glenny every single day-


  1. Sometime's it helps to have things in place, some kind of order. You are an amazing woman, and your strength shines thru. We had a really great friend and member of our Bishopric when we lived in Utah die. He died of cancer, and left a wife and 4 young children, elem age to 18 months. We went for the funeral and our girls were so upset for Jennifer (she was their YW's leader for a long time) they loved her so much. Well we went back in May to Bless our newest Grnddaughter and went to the graveyard, and his headstone had been placed. They kept telling me it helped, cause it placed everything in order.

  2. WOW. A freaking headstone Christen....
    That club we talked about....hate it! These
    reality checks....sometimes not so fun.
    But on a positive note...it turned out beautifully. And I don't feel my loved ones there either (usually)...but I can tell you....sitting there being able to talk, even though it is a one sided conversation...has truly saved me on so many ocassions. I can say anything I want. I have have spent countless hours in the cemetery just trying to make sense of life!