Monday, August 9, 2010

Chinese fire drill...

Wow- last week was hard!  I cried a lot!!! But I always feel better after- I think the headstone threw me into a funk... anyhow- lately I have been really worried about "losing it" in a professional situation.  The weirdest things set me off a smell, a sound, a laugh..and I have no control.  Being someone who has always hated to cry because it makes me feel weak (no longer, now I just do not care) crying at certain times for me would be very hard.  Like if I am teaching a class, conducting a meeting you know stuff like that where I would prefer to be taken seriously (somewhat).  My hospice friend says I should be prepared and know what to do when this happens, because it will.  So I am thinking chinese fire drill...:)

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  1. We will simply cry with you....and be happy we did. It's better to cry....I was bitter and grumpy and trust me...crying would have been a better solution.