Sunday, July 11, 2010


     I went to the Temple yesterday with my sister Molly (those of you that don't know, I am LDS), I felt a calm there- I don't know if it was Glenn or something else, but I did feel peace there- I think I will start to go more often.   The people there are so amazing!  I miss seeing My Uncle Jay and Aunt Sue there though :).
     I went out a bit yesterday with the kids, it is very difficult for me to go anywhere local- I love to see the people I know and that speak to me, its the ones that just stare and me and whisper that bother me.  My mom tells me that they are just concerned and want to know how I am doing, if that is the case then ask me- but I feel like they are just like "oh look there is that poor girl that lost her husband..." I have never handled anyone feeling sorry for me very well and I still don't.  Yes this IS the most awful thing I have ever gone through (or ever will I hope) but I am a strong person and I will get through it, not get over it, but get through it.  We will come out on the other side stronger because of what we are going through right now.  I know where Glenn is and I know he will help us get through the tough times.  Glenn is loving the fact that he is now able to see his boys doing the things they love to do instead of being trapped in his sick body, no man ever loved his family more that Glenn-he would never let us down...


  1. Christen...I just love you! Thank you for continuing to post. I am the queen of stuffing my emotions down and this brings it all to the surface!!! I miss him too. I didn't realize how much of my life was spent texting with Glenn until I can't do it anymore. Even when he got too sick...I was stalking you for updates! I even found an email he sent me thanking me for my friendship back in 2008! Made me cry. I think of you everyday and when you are ready...I am here for you. I friend, thank you card, letter, etc. at a time. I am patient and I very much understand that you are trying to find your way at this time. You need to go to the temple more if that brings you peace. Take it where you can get it! My great grandma who had passed was sitting in a chair next to her daughter (my grandma) in the temple once. I know that helped her in dealing with her loss. Be safe in your travels.

  2. I found your blog from "our crazy nest" blog, and I can't stop reading. The strength you have and the love you pour out is amazing. I have fallen in love with you and your family, and have sat here crying wishing I could do more. Know that I am just a stranger in this big home we call Earth, but you will be in my prayers tonight to our Heavenly Father. May peace be with you till you meet again.
    Hugs and Love,