Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Been trying to get the kids to take a trip somewhere with no luck- we just cannot get excited about doing much of anything right now...we have decided to go to Texas and visit Jenafer, (Glenns sister, and mine thank you very much! ) the boys are way excited and so am I, we always have fun when we are together- guess we will have to behave since the kids will be there..:)    Just wait till the boys feel what real heat is like!  Being with Jen during the week that Glenn passed really got me through.  Glenns siblings remind me so much of him I love it.   Makes me feel closer to him somehow- plus when I boob they get it and let me cry..:)
     It is strange I am starting to remember things from the funeral now that before were just a blur.  There was a guy that came and when I saw him he asked if I knew who he was (He looked familiar but I couldn't remember) When he told me his name I remembered him as a kid a few years younger than us.  He was one of those the kids that was always getting picked on in school- he told me he came because Glenn always stuck up for him and was his friend and it meant a lot to him.  He was crying even talking about it over 20 years later- wow what a tribute to Glenn- Don't ever think the small acts of kindness don't matter, because they do!

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