Saturday, July 17, 2010


Glenns sister Jenafer and my niece MaKayla are going to be moving in with us for awhile, I am really glad.  It is so nice to have her around, she reminds me so much of Glenn and we get along really well.  Its funny when Glenn was sick I cherished any time I had alone in the quiet- now I hate the quiet.  I like having people around me to keep me distracted I guess.  It is also so nice to have people around that understand what I am going through and loved Glenn as much as I did.  This week is the first week that has been a little bit better- I know it will not last, but I have kept very busy with the kids and with projects in my house (of which I have many!)  Also, we had puppies!  They are so stinkin cute!  Reminds me of Glenn just because he LOVED puppies more than any of us.  He spoiled the last litter so badly...when I figured out Lily was having babies, Glenn said he was sad that he would not be here to see them born, its weird how he just knew his time was drawing near.  Kind of like the night he passed everyone left and it was just him and I for quite awhile and I was able to talk to him,  I fell asleep -then he was gone, he was just waiting to say his goodbyes, or I guess so we could say ours...

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