Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Can't come out of the closet...:)

Busily packing we leave in the morning for Texas.  We are planning on driving to Galveston as soon as we arrive and staying on the beach for a few days, then heading back towards Dallas.  My kids seem really excited (which is a nice change).  I think the change in scenery will do us all good, or else we will kill each other- it's a crap shoot.  I love being where it is hot so I guess I picked the right place to go.
     My older brother David has been painting my house.  He did my room first, all of the walls in my house are chocolate brown so this is a huge change.  He painted my room like a butter yellow (can't you just hear Glenn rolling over) and is now working on the other bedrooms and bathrooms- it's really cheered things up a bit around here to have the lighter colors.  Still cannot tackle the closet though- still smells like Glenn and it is just too hard, it is my little hiding place to cry.  My sister Jenafer is going to help me make a quilt from some of his shirts so I am hoping that will help to get me started...


  1. We will miss you all but are praying you have a wonderful time and feel a little comfort and peace while your gone. My kids won't know what to do without Parker and I will miss walking with you but can't wait to hear all the fun you will have when you return. Have a fun and safe trip!!!

  2. I think you guys will have so much fun on your trip. A change of scenery is nice sometimes, weather it is in location or the color of your walls! Drive safe and we will miss you guys!