Saturday, June 12, 2010


So I am folding socks and I realize that I have no socks for Glenn- hit me like a ton of bricks- so weird the things that open the floodgates. My house is quiet- all of the family have gone home to go on with their lives, where does that leave me? Who do I call when I hear something amazing or need a shoulder to cry on? I have picked up my phone 3 times already to call Glenn- I know I can call my friends or family, but it just isn't the same...
I have started reading "The Message" a book about a near death experience, it's pretty good, reminds me of the "Great and the Terrible" series a bit. Just looking for some peace.


  1. Ugh! I totally know what you mean! It took me a while before my first thought wasn't "I should call Lisa and... oh, ya." :/

    The first request from my brother-in-law was to clean out the bathroom and closet so that's what I did.

    I also read The Message. I thought it was great!

  2. The closet is my "forbidden zone" I can still smell him and it is too hard for me ...