Friday, June 11, 2010


Sorry it's been so long- just couldn't face much of anything...I feel like I am in a club of people that I never wanted to be in. People who have lost someone that leaves a hole that cannot be filled. My only peace is my children and the people who love and care for me/us. We are very blessed in that department. Glenn and I had time to prepare and discuss and it has helped with arrangements and decisions that I needed to made. But the pain, nothing in this world can prepare you for the pain...I went to "Smiths Market" to get a few things and passed Glenn's favorite candy bar in a display and just lost it- didn't see that coming for sure. The poor little check out boy..and I couldn't even talk to say anything to him. I cried the whole way home and sat in my car for quite awhile.
You know there are always regrets and things like that in everyones life, but it all boils down to I miss him. I miss his hands, his laugh, his smile, his stupid jokes, his strength I miss it all- I know I will go on, but how ???

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  1. You take it a minute, an hour, a day, a week & a month at a time. Kind of like you dealt with his SPS. Someone like Glen, you will always miss, you just learn not to hurt quite so much. One thing you should be really proud of is the way you cared for him and loved him. I'll always appreciate the ways that you arranged for us to show him how much we loved him - like his birthday. Everyone around you loves you and are still amazed at the kind of wife and mom you are. We love you!