Sunday, June 13, 2010


This is the first day we have been to the church since the funeral. I didn't even really think about it but it really bothered Chandler. I tried to tell him all of the good things we have done in the same church but he did not care- he didn't last long, guess it will just take time. Spencer came home from trek and he had a wet but wonderful experience, I am glad he went. Spencer and Chandler just left for Glenn's grave site, I hope they are able to feel closer to him there. Parker wanted nothing to do with it so I stayed home with him.
I have found that if I wait till nobody is around to cry it works out better- my crying upsets the boys and I can feel when I am needing to cry to I start looking for a place to hide. Today it was in my closet with Glenn's clothes...but I feel better after a good cry that is for sure, at least for awhile...


  1. We missed Chandler in Sunday School! (Even thought he's really not in my class. But he's been coming and I have loved having him!)

  2. I'm so glad Spencer had such a good experience on trek. He worked hard and was such a gentleman with the young women of the ward. It was a blast to spend those 3 days with him.

  3. Crying lubricates the soul. It was good to see you Sunday.