Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cranky Old Man

Parker has started saying things about Glenn like, I wish Dad was around or I miss dad...this is healthy for him but hard for me. I don't want him to ever forget how much Glenn loved him or how much he wanted to stay here to be his coach, be his buddy and take him fishing...but it seems all he remembers is Glenn was sick. It makes me physically ill- nothing is this world meant more to him than our three boys, they were the joy in his life! You will never find a Dad that loves their kids more than him. Chandler has started to worry whenever I leave the house without him, he always tells me at least 3 times be careful mom, wear a seatbelt mom- it makes me wish I could just stay in this house with my boys forever and never leave- but I know that cannot happen. I wish I could promise him I will always be here- but how can I? This was not the plan Glenn and I had...we planned to grow old together and have lots of grand daughters to spoil-and have one of those signs that says "One sweet old lady and one cranky old man live here". I miss that cranky old man...

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