Friday, June 18, 2010


Kids trying to keep busy with summer stuff, which is good. Got out today and laughed a bit, feels weird, but good. Still miss Glenn so much, I am picking up my phone less and less to call him I feel kinda lost- like I don't know where or what to do next- my compass is broken I think and I am forgetting things all of the time, which I have been told is normal so there!!! Miss working, but I know this is where I am supposed to be right now- spending the summer helping my boys and myself adjust to this "new life". May possibly be going to stay on the coast of Oregon for a week or two, hoping to just relax and spend time together...and it is also 3 hours from Forks, so you know I will have to drag my boys to check that out just for kicks! I wish I could find the peace I am looking for, but I do not even know what that would be, I just know I need it.


  1. Hope the kids had some fun last night. We sure enjoyed having them over. Like I said before, they are welcome anytime!

  2. They did thank you so much! I could not believe I got Chandler to go I was so happy!