Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We are having a big meeting with the Hospice folks tomorrow. I think they are just wanting to make sure that we know the options available to Glenn. I think it is difficult for them to understand him wanting to "give up" as they say- the thing they do not see is that we do not look at death as an end, but as a progression. Deanne told me once that death is a process much like birth, not so much an event but a journey. A journey we all will make and also endure while others move on in their journey. Lots of praying and fasting going on at our place right now- there is no "right" choice, I think that is the hardest part of all of this. Who knows what the decisions we make for Glenns care could bring- nobody knows because it is not our plan- its Gods plan and we just need to get through these trials with as much dignity and respect for all involved as possible- try to do what is best at the time considering all involved. Glenn wants me to tell him what he should do and I just cannot do that- I told him I will support him in any decisions he does make-I will be his advocate 110%-


  1. Thank you for keeping us all posted. We all think about you every day.

  2. Christen,
    Just stopped by to say that I am thinking of you and praying for you and Glenn and the boys.

  3. We love you all so much and are there for you in any way you need. I've always kind of clicked with Glen and have a special place in my heart for your family. I am praying for you!

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  5. We are keeping all of you in our prayers and thoughts. May the Lord comfort all of you during this difficult time. I'm sorry you're having to make such tough decisions right now - decisions that no one should have to make. I pray that Glenn can find some relief and comfort from his pain and suffering. Christen, we are here for you all for anything you need. We love you.

  6. Christen, Glenn and family...I admire you more than you will ever know. I think about you guys every single day. I pray for you and you have my whole heart as you travel this journey. You will know the decision has been made when you find yourself standing on the path.....
    Love you,