Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little things

Glenn is still declining ,every day it seems to spiral down faster- I am just doing all I can to keep him comfortable and laughing any chance I get. If we didn't have these sick senses of humor we would be in big trouble! The other day he walked over to me and acted like he couldn't see me and sat on my lap and said "what if I was blind and I sat on you and I didn't even know it?" Then I said " umm are you deaf too?" and we both cracked up! Morphine makes you say the funniest things sometimes. He even laughed which was awesome cause I hadn't heard him laugh in awhile...usually I just get a look or a grin but this was a full out belly laugh! The little things :)


  1. A sick sense of humor makes life a little more bearable. Love you guys!

  2. I wish more than anything I could grant you a miracle. It's a helpless feeling knowing I can't do anything. I can pray to someone who does sometimes grant miracles or wishes....not always the way we want them to be granted, but none the less, he does hear us, although sometimes you wonder why? Why Glen? Why does sweet, loving Christen have to suffer the pain of seeing her husband suffering so? But I still will pray, and hope and wish for peace, for no more pain physically or mentally, and for you to never lose that sense of humor. I love you dearly Christen. You have been a good friend and always such a joy to be around. Lisa Sorensen

  3. Sick sense of humor is what drew us together to be friends silly! Gotta have it!