Thursday, May 27, 2010

What matters

Glenn continues to decline- he did get some sleep last night (at least one of us slept) which is good. His eyesight is awful (another auto immune issue) as it always does when he is flaring. Yesterday the Hospice director came out to see Glenn, very nice lady. She had lots of questions and had this awesome British accent (I loooove accents!) and everything she said sounded completely regal. Health care folks always want to see Glenn because SPS is so rare, kind of like the two headed cow at the fair..:)
Yesterday I also had the pleasure of watching Parker's baseball game. I was talking with some friends and watching Parkers game as well as watching another game and Parker said the funniest thing. He had an awesome hit and I was going over to the dugout to tell him so and he met me half way and said very matter-of-factly.."Mom you are not watching me close enough so you need to come and sit right here.." (pointing at the bleachers by the dug out). Well he told me didn't he? Good thing I have my boys to keep me in check.
Spencer told me today he had a dream about when Glenn was healthy and it made him sad- this has been so hard on all of them but most of all Spencer. I know these trials will make him a stronger man, but it is still hard to watch. In so many ways he and Chandler both are "wise beyond their years", I think just because they realize what truly matters in life. I am so lucky to have such sweet boys to take care of me- even when they are just telling me where I need to sit..)


  1. Christen...they are lucky to have you as a mom and Glenn as a dad. Life is hard and there are a lot of unanswered questions, but I do believe your boys will be amazing adults with the very hard lessons they have endured at such young ages. You are all stronger than the average bear!

    Love ya!

  2. Christen, you write and express yourself so beautifully. I think this is a talent you have developed threw this trial of your heart. You need to continue with it. Perhaps you could develop this into a book.