Saturday, April 3, 2010

SLC we're baaaaack!

Well, after Glenns stomach muscles have now kicked out 4 subcutaneous lines, we have been sent to SLC to have a picc line put in in hopes the muscles won't kick this out too. We are now waiting for xray to come and make certain the placement of the line is ok..hmmm wonder if its not what then. His last placement was subclavicle and the meds really burned, so he is not hitting the magic button to adminster more meds so as u can imagine the pain is unbareable. I always know when it is severe because Glenn gets very quiet and tries to focus on relaxing. Of course because I am worried I just sit and chatter away nervously blah, blah,blah I know he dosent hear a word I say but we have been together long enough that I tolerate his silence and he tolerates my blah,blah,blah :) I am just glad they didn't send us to University Hospital again to be "the guy everyone wants to gawk at" however they have the best cafeteria so far which is sooooo important!

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