Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chasing the pain

Let's see what has been going on since my last post? Well the picc line is a success! The tube goes in so far (almost to his heart) that his body doesn't seem to be kicking it out thanks goodness! I have been flushing the line twice a day for Glenn and he is convinced I am gonna kill him..hhheeellloo who watches more trauma in the ER/Grey's Anatomy/Mystery Diagnosis than me? I am perfectly capable.. I guess I shouldn't have made the joke about the big air bubble in the syringe :) What a sissy la la. I am so glad that is working out, but pain is still the major issue. Glenn calls it "chasing the pain" because we can never quite catch up with it to get him relief. He is only able to sleep a few hours at a time which is difficult also, he either is waking up in pain, or waking up to take more medication. The lumps under his skin seem to be getting tighter also. I took some pictures of him on Easter, but I cannot photoshop them enough to make him look healthy- so I am not going to post them, hopefully I ca get some better ones soon.
I cannot say enough about our friends and family. I do not know how they know when I am stressed and exactly what I need but they do .
Thanks Dad for sump pumping my window well yesterday- you will always be my hero..and Mom and Dad both for all of your help with the boys- UR priceless.
Thanks Uncle Jay & Aunt Sue the roast was wonderful today..along with the entire Stuart family for all of the wonderful meals and talks to catch up-we have never felt so loved -you guys rock!
My awesome neighbors (you know who you are) for always watching out for me...and whomever the easter Bunny was we loved it!!!
My friends at work- you always keep me laughing (too hard some days) and when I am crying you let me shut my door..:)
Colette and also Larry what you are doing for Glenn is so selfless- you are an inspiration.
Thanks for all the texts to Glenn they really lift his spirits and keep him going each and every day.
Anyone that thinks that the big guy upstairs is too busy to know what we are going through, needs to come to my house and see all the amazing things that happen every day-
* God does notice us, and watches over us, but it is usually through another person that he meets our needs- Spencer W. Kimball

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