Thursday, April 1, 2010

Comfortably Numb...

As usual Glenn is still dealing with what they call narcotics tolerance- this means he can take enough meds to kill an elephant and nothin, no relief. He has always had this problem. They cannot get him numb at the dentist, they couldn't deaden his toe for surgery and they cannot get him to sleep (and nobody should have to awake making conversation with the nurse during a colonoscopy!!!) to name a few examples. Apparently his liver is a real go-getter. In his current state this is difficult because we are always changing the doses on the meds, but hospice is awesome and just takes it in stride. Deann told me tonight that she called in to increase the dose on one of his meds and the pharmacist said he wouldn't recommend giving that amount to a normal person, but this is Glenn so go ahead- too funny! Oh yes and the picture, well we had to come up with a way to keep the ice packs on his face and I thought this was a wonderful idea..:) I really like the spidey touch!

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  1. POOR GUY!!!! I Love you guys and miss you very much! Uncle Glenn are you making a fashion statment in this pic.... that is a clever way to hold the icepacks in place. I LOVE YOU!