Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random acts of kindness...or are they?

Glenn has had trouble with several of his back teeth breaking . We are unsure if it is the meds, bad genes or what- but we have made appointments several times to get them pulled but canceling for one reason or another. Usually because of amount of meds he is on, we were scared to have him put under. We a few days ago Glenn started having problems with them hurting again and decided that he wanted them taken out because the pain is so great. (I do know how he can feel anything at this point but...) So we get there this morning with neither of us having much sleep because of the situation and the possibilities of what could go wrong running through our heads all night. My dad came with us, cause he is a rock and is always there whenever we need him. They called Glenn and I in the back room and Dr. Newey said he had been consulting with a few other oral surgeons and they told him he was nuts to touch Glenn's case- and to sedate him was insane so he wanted to do it with just a local- and I agreed completely. (why is it that it is only a good idea when someone else has it Glenny?):) At any rate things went very well and he is now resting comfortably, however him trying to talk to me and thinking I can understand what he is saying is getting a little frustrating.
Anyhow, my point? Well while he was in surgery the nurse called me back and gave me back the amount I had to pay for the surgery (500.00) and said that Dr. Newey was glad to help Glenn and to keep my money- I was shocked! I had only met this guy once before- how could he know the amount of medical bills I am faced with ? The Lord works in mysterious ways, I only hope someday I will be able to help someone the way he helped us today.

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  1. wow thats incredible i could come down there and give that dentist a big wet one :) he just realized how incredible you and uncle glen are and the struggles you both must be going through! at any rate that is way awesome for him to do!