Saturday, May 22, 2010


A few days ago Glenn and I were discussing the night that we almost lost him. I was expressing (crying my eyes out) the fact that I hope I never have to deal with this again (meaning having a terminally sick loved one) and you know what he said? he said- I know that will never happen, you know what the odds of your second husband having SPS are? I lost it- made me laugh so hard!
I was thinking today that many more follow this blog than I have listed as "followers" cause you talk to me about it. I would love it if anyone who reads this blog to sign in as a "follower"- I think it would really make Glenn feel good to know all of the people who care and think about him and our family every day-


  1. I care a great deal about you Christen, and Glenn, and the boys... I have been praying like crazy and I want peace for all of you..

    Love you guys

  2. I love a great laugh in the middle of a cry!!! Leave it to Glenn to say that!!!
    I really miss the both of you.
    Praying for you everyday my friends...

    Always sending my love,