Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can we talk?

Gelnns sats are pretty much in the low 70's still. I am working part time now, while I can. It has really improved my attitude about things. It is nice to focus on something besides Glenns illness for a few hours a day and the people I work with are wonderful! I did not realize how depressing it would be to be at home all day doing not much of anything. Glenn sleeps so much of the time that we have it worked out to where he is "less drugged" during the times when the boys and I are at home with him. At best we are able to spend combined about an hour where we can talk. It is very difficult to talk to him for very long because he will either fall asleep, lose his train of thought (which upsets him) or repeats himself a lot. I am sure this is in large part due to the amount of medications he is on to control the spasms and pain. Because it is hard for him to hear about the "outside" world, so I have to be careful what we talk about because I do not want to make things any harder than they already are.
Parker starts baseball today so I will be able to get out in the evening for a bit a few times a week, I am thrilled- sit in the sun and watch my favorite baseball player? Who could ask for more? :)

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