Monday, May 17, 2010

Better Night

Finally got rid of the horrible hiccups- had a better night. Got a least a few hours of sleep in a row and Glenn looks much more relaxed as he sleeps. He is looking pretty thin these days, but more in a muscle loss kind of way than actual weight loss. He had a pretty difficult time getting around last night though (if walking to the bathroom 10 feet away is getting around), but at least he is awake. HIs breathing is very erratic at night as well as his heart rate, but he seems more peaceful than he has in while and we have had some awesome conversations that I will cherish forever-


  1. I love how you can find Joy in the Journey even when the journey is hard. You have given me a new look on life and how to treasure every moment! Thank You.

  2. Christen I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you keeping us posted. So many are watching your blog. I am so glad he is more comfortable and have less pain. I hope you 2 will have many more cherishable conversations in the upcoming days.

  3. Christen this is Kim, I used to be on Glenn's team at ARKA. Please tell him that we are all thinking of you all through this difficult time. I think of Glenn often. We had alot of fun with him as our manager and we were sad to see him go. I am praying for him.