Saturday, March 27, 2010


Glenn had his pump put is, still not too sure how we feel about it..adjusting the doses to see if we can find the right fit. Sometimes Glenn goes through these moods where he tries not to take his meds and he gets a little cranky:)- now I can just reach over and "push his button" he he.
Glenn has been out a bit today- Spencer drove him and the other boys to basketball. Glenn has played with a group of guys for over 20 years every Saturday- he hasn't gone for a very long time of course. Now Spencer & Chandler go and play, but today Glenn went along (it is nice that Spen can drive) He loves to go and talk to all of his old friends and talk about how what awesome basketball players they are....its good for him to go, but seems to bring him down a bit too. It's hard to believe how quickly things can change.

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