Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So glad Deanne is back! It is amazing how attached you get to your Hospice nurse! Alecia is awesome too- had her here at 4am changing Glenns' bag out- no matter how hard we try the meds seem to run out in the middle of the night every time! We may be trying a new meds in his pump, the one he is using now is so unbelievably expensive, we just feel like there has to be something cheaper that would work. Hospice gets a flat rate from our insurance and I know it does not even come close to covering the cost- the rest is donations. So I feel like we need to be careful, there are many people out there that need their help besides us.
Glenns spirits are up, I am sure it is because I am able to spend more time with him right now. I cannot imagine how he feels being alone for so long every day.

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