Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bitter Betty

Glenns sats went up a bit and he was very upset. He wants so badly to pass on to the next world. Yes I know this may seem harsh- but if you have been though something like this, I know you will understand. His body is a prison, holding him back from everything he loves. He watches his family growing up and living their lives, without him. He feels like a fixture in our home, not a person most of the time. He is unable to get much farther than the front room most of the time, and car rides never turn out well, no matter how much we want them too. I have been off work for awhile and seeing what he goes through every day is torture.
Someone told me recently that he shouldn't give up...give up? Seriously? YOU live like this for even one day and see how much you want to fight-especially when fighting makes no difference. I am not usually this negative, but after awhile it is hard to understand why he has to go through all of this, why do my boys have to experience this at such a young age? I realize there are worse situations- but this situation is ours and it stinks. Bitter Betty signing off now...:(


  1. Dear Bitter Betty, I thought I should read your blog after I sent my last text to you about my impression. It had to be around when you were writing this or having these feelings. Verifies to me just how much He loves you.
    I would never qualify you or Glenn as quitters. You are not giving up but reaching for higher existence. It's alright, you can cry, scream, or my top favorite, eat yourself into a chocolate coma if you want to! Love ya, Pity Patty! ;) The Queen of Pity Party's! Book yours today!

  2. Oh and yes, it STINKS big time!

  3. Christen, you, Glenn and your family inspire all of us. There is a time for everything, even feeling sad and tired. We're all glad to see you are a human in spite of your super woman status.