Monday, March 1, 2010

20 Years

Wow 20 years is a long's our Anniversary today. We were so naive! I tell Glenn all the time it was good that he got me to agree to marry him when I was young and dumb..or I think I would have never got married! Here we are 20 years later still driving each other crazy, he is a lucky guy! :)
It has been a rough couple of days but more mentally than physically. All of this wears on both of us at times, but mostly Glenn. Its hard to watch me go to work everyday and the kids go to school and all the activities they do and Glenn can only very rarely attend- but when he is able he does. There is a lot of guilt associated with that. Now that the Olympics are over, he will have to find something new to occupy his time. (although I think he had heard enough about Apollo Ohno for awhile!) Basketball season will soon be winding down which is good it's hard to keep up on schoolwork and stuff.
We have all been passing around this awful cold-hopefully Glenn doesn't get it-why can 't it just get warm???

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  1. You are one beautiful chica -- then and still. Prayers with ya....