Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just an update

Well upping Glenn's meds does not seem to be working...just cannot seem to manage the pain levels anymore. He slept for 6 whole hours last night- but from not moving for so long- he was stuck- couldn't walk or even talk for 2 hours. It took that long to get his medication to a level he could at least move. I also noticed yesterday he has lumps all over his stomach, they feel like his muscles are in knots. His other auto immune problems are flaring up pretty badly too, his eyes are the worst. He has a rare degenerative eye disease (If I knew how to spell it I would tell you) I told him he needs to learn to text with his nose, cause that is how close he has to hold his phone to text - then his fingers will not cramp up either!
I know this may sound a little negative, but I want all of the other SPS folks to hear exactly what we are dealing with so we can discuss problems/solutions together- thanks for all of you that have contacted me, I try to answer all Email, but be patient with me...I struggle during the week finding the time- I will hopefully get caught up this weekend!
By the way- I want everyone to know- even though this is the hardest thing I have ever dealt with- everyday I feel truly blessed in so many ways, that I know we are being watched over and taken care of even through the pain and trials...truly blessed.:)

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