Sunday, March 14, 2010


Actually made it through Sacrament meeting today- Glenn really wants to be well enough to Baptize Parker on May 1st. I hope he will be able to. Spencer is going to have to help him and if he is unable to do it then Spencer will. Sometimes I think he is just holding on for the Baptism which makes me nervous- but he has made through many hard times that I never thought he would. Who knows- I have learned that it has nothing to do with our plan and everything to do with the Lords plans.
I have been reading a really good book that one of the Hospice folks gave me it is called" Jesus Wept"- it is excellent. She wrote it with her husband. It talks about all aspects of loss, not just death- great book I would highly recommend it. I read parts of it that I think will help Glenn out loud to him and it has brought about some pretty interesting conversations for sure. It has also given me some help with dealing with the boys questions.
Glenn is about the same as he has been, Deanne has asked him to start rating his pain on a scale from 1-4, today is a 3. Not great but it could be worse...:)

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  1. Has anyone told you how AWESOME you are today?!??!