Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where to start?

Well, this is my first experience with blogging- I am hoping this will help anyone else who is dealing with this disorder or any other NORD illness that feels the frustration we have.
My name is Christen and my husband Glenn has been diagnosed with "Stiff Person Syndrome" which is the revamped politically correct version of "Stiff Man Syndrome". We went through years of misdiagnoses and mystery symptoms before we were able to find a neurologist that didn't think they were the "god of the Dr world" and was willing to read my research and do some digging of their own. I must say that most of the diseases that Glenn was misdiagnosed with would have been much easier to deal with than this one-but here we are.
It would be pretty painful to go through the details of the last 5 years or so- I will just touch on the history as needed. I am doing this for Glenn because it is something he would like to do, but cannot. Hopefully on good days I can get him on here also.

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